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  3. None is playing what time do they play actually
  4. [Aws] Aliens With Style

    MusKy has passed the trial phase and became Bronze Member.
  5. anyone alive?

    1. Walli


      Exteel <3

    2. #!~ExteeL-


      Walli <3

  6. Hmm, what do u mean? Thats server Ip: play.ug-gaming.com:7777 maybe you've entered wrong one ?
  7. Hi im new to this server, but why I cant play right now?
  8. [Aws] Aliens With Style

    Shindy and BennY have been promoted to Silver Members. Congratulations !
  9. [Aws] Aliens With Style

    congrats to new peeple
  10. [Aws] Aliens With Style

    MusKy has joined Aliens With Style as a Trial Member. Welcome !
  11. Show/Hide Objects

    I believe the mapper made these invisible objects for a reason, and I do not intend to change any of that - at the moment. Denied.
  12. Toptimes

    Since there is the personal toptimes system, every hunter is basically a toptime. I would be pointless to make a 1st-5th toptimes count. Denied.
  13. Score/money if playing alone

    Score and cash gaining based, among other factors, on how many players played the current round. Therefore, you will probably get a low amount of score and cash while playing alone. However - accepted and added to the server.
  14. Score/money if playing alone

  15. Score/money if playing alone

    Make UG Great Again edit: fk i have to tag dale for this @Dale
  16. Score/money if playing alone

    Supporting, but only if extra money when u win multiple times is disabled
  17. Score/money if playing alone

    I find it really annyoing that you do not even get 1score and 1$ if you're playing alone and I dont understand why. Disable the extra money you get for winning twice in a row or more, but give the minimum amount of score and money.
  18. Bugged maps

    Nature Overload IV by Cookie - Pickup (Bus) is bugged (Range)
  19. Bugged maps

    [DM] Bring the Madness - 1x Velo bugged. 1x Velo miss
  20. Give me credit for setting ed sheeran song @Dale
  21. Looking so good, keep it up Dale ^^
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