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  3. An official statement regarding recent status updates As you may have noticed, there was a little bit of drama going on recently regarding us deleting individuals status update, and since most of you are probably wondering what was so wrong about it, we have decided to provide you an official statement. To answer one of your many questions, the reason why we deleted the status update is because it was simply wrong and unnecessary. We greatly appreciate and value every single opinion we receive from you, the members of this community. After all, your voices are what is being followed here. The reason why we even decided to create an poll about exemption of OS rule, is because of YOUR voice. We really do try our best to try and please all of our community members to the maximum. However, we need your input, your feedback to improve things! You can't just expect us to know what every single one of you desires. That's why we have made the "Your opinion MATTERS!" survey in the past. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, it's impossible to satisfy every single one of you. Regardless of what we do, there will always be few unhappy individuals. Nonetheless, we will continue trying our best to keep the amount of them as low as we possibly can. Please keep in mind that we are not obligated to do any of this for anyone. This is solely done from our precious time. Take the amount of time and effort we put into this in consideration before posting your wrong and demotivating statuses. Thank you -The Underground: Staff Team
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    Deserved ;*
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    @Potato that bitch
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  7. Why did you delete my status? You see that's why people doesn't come to play anymore. Privating them of expressing themselves however they want. But as I see you don't really care about people's opinion, it is only as you say, and that is not how you should do it to try to bring this back to life.

    1. Thunder


      You have no right to speak about this community when you barely are involved in anything productive. You speak with the voice of everyone as if you know what is right and what is wrong. You are here acting as a judge attempting to give us a preach. 

      You and everyone else who agrees with what you say are what demotivate us to bring forward anything for you all. No matter what we do, you will never be satisfied. In reality, why should you? You are just sitting on your chair and throwing comments here and there acting all righteous and mighty as if you know what is taking place.

      The very first reason the exemption polls for OS are generated is because we value the voice of the players who play here. There are many rules I would've put if I was solely running this community based on my 'own' preference. The amount of effort and time we exert to shape the community that everyone desires is ridiculous but you never take that into consideration.

      Regardless of what we do, there will always be people like you acting high and mighty when they never once were useful in anything or attempted to change anything accordingly. 

      Since you are so self-centered, I'm locking this. 


  8. Please note: 10 votes from the 'No' option will be disregarded due to the fact that some individual is trying to be funny by creating duplicate accounts to increase the vote count. Currently: Yes: 16 votes No: 7 Votes
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    Oh yey nC 4 lyf
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  11. sigh. Thread locked. Please cast your votes via the polls, further textual input is not required.
  12. Listen, It's IchHab's problem if he wants to learn or no some shortcuts because I know he doesn't care about it actually, but who knows that when he got to be very skilled in OS he'd want to try to do shortcuts to get a better toptime? You know nothing. I started thinking like that in the first place when I joined this community (I mean, ND), no taking care of doing shortcuts yet because I first needed to learn maps before jumping to the next step, I didn't care so many guys did toptimes doing hard shortcuts because I know they wasted a lot of time trying over and over to finally get it, you don't know how hard is to get a toptime sometimes when the shortcut is very hard. Killing newcomers just because they're slow I can understand it, I've seen this a long time ago, there were some guys in the past who were killing constantly guys who were slow/or guys they hate, I never saw this very well of course but actually I haven't seen such thing happening again, not at least in this community ''UG'', so that it's not a problem here. You say that that's how the maps are made and we're supposed to play the whole map because of the effort that mappers have put in, but haven't you thought why they haven't blocked every possible shortcut in their maps? If they want us to play his whole map then why they let the possibility to do a cut in some parts? It has no sense dude, if they srsly want the opposite they'd block all the shortcuts by adding invisible walls or anything else, I've even watched how some mappers do toptimes by doing shortcuts in it's OWN MAPS, so your argument isn't valid there. When we see a new map added in we all play the whole map the first times, later on we seek for possible shortcuts to get a better TT, thus, we do what you literally said, we ''Play'' the ''whole'' map, so your argument isn't valid once again here. You can't tell others or me the way we're supposed to play a map, that's up to every player the way they want to play, the way they see they can get a better toptime, the way they feel more comfortable and satisfied. If such a rule like this had existed since it's opening till now nobody would have problems but we all are accustomed to it being this way actually, with this, I mean the era of New-Dawn and wouldn't be good that you (staff team) apply this rule here too, haven't you seen the amount of players that ND got every day? Do you think they cared about shortcuts or something else? Did you think they would stop playing because they can't get toptimes by doing shortcuts or something else? Nah, the people who play for fun and doesn't care about toptimes nowadays like you said, why would they be complaining then? Just play the map for ''fun'' and let others to reach their goals. You're a double moral dude, you say you don't care about toptimes but you try to get a toptime in some maps failing over and over till get it, so your facts speak more than your words. ''I personally discussed this topic with many, actually active, OS players, and we are strongly against this rule being changed. Our old school players can't be compared with the players from another server, we are different in many ways.'' Pls, call all of these ''OS Active'' players to know their opinion then, I can assure you that they are a minority unlike many others. You said the old school players can't be compared with the players from another server, pls dude.. you were one of many who didn't care about this rule and still yet you did toptimes in the past, now you try to be the professional and ''good'' guy because you're part of the staff team (I can see how some people change his way of being and thinking after they join in a staff haha, not all of them of course, there're minorities exceptions), I can see your double moral once again. I'm not going to reply this thread anymore, I'll get so upset and I won't fight with anybody, but this situation is so stressful. Anyway, The poll will decide what it will be, you like it or nah ;).
  13. i say yes, on every server i have joined, i have never seen such a rule that prevents players from doing shortcuts and tbh i cant play without scs in os mode and i see there will be no fun in doing no scs
  14. This is all we need to say.
  15. Some newcomers, as IchHabHunger has mentioned, are barely capable of driving. Why would they bother learning shortcuts just because some people find them being slow very time consuming. Killing newcomers just because they are slow is just messed up. It is true that there are bunch of long maps, but that's how the mappers made them. Mappers didn't put their effort in the track to be skipped by some players just because they tend to find their long maps boring or they are just focusing on making hella fast top-times. Just play the map the way it was intended to be played. My reasoning behind my no has nothing to do with top-times, who the hell cares about that nowadays, it's about finishing the map and having fun, and in my opinion, shortcuts take all the fun away. If shortcuts being forbidden make old school very time consuming, just move onto dm, maps there usually don't last much longer than 4 minutes. I personally discussed this topic with many, actually active, OS players, and we are strongly against this rule being changed. Our old school players can't be compared with the players from another server, we are different in many ways.
  16. This And this. Potato and IchHabHunger, when I was a new player in ND I never complained because I never could do a toptime, obviously I was so new in this type of gamemode but I never I never was saying stuff like ''Pfff I can't tt any map because those players are better than me and they know SC's, and bla bla bla'', I mean, I never cried, instead, I, as a new player, started to spec how the other players like Ryder, InfiNity, DeeKay, iBoSs, etc were playing the mapo to know their skills and try to be better or the same like them, as you can see now I'm in the same Level skills in OS like them. Even some of these players who reached to the hunter first making tops with shorcuts always killed those who were very slow, in general, those who didn't know the map and it would take a century to finish it and yet I never complained, I mean, I do complained but it wasn't so bad because today I can understand how boring it's to wait a lot of time for someone to finish a map, I mean, you get bored a lot and don't enjoy the other maps more quickly. With this I don't mean that now one is going to be bad with the newcomers and will kill them for not having patience, otherwise, at least I would let them finish the map so they can learn it, even if they take a long time time, but neither have to obviously exaggerate. In short, I am on the side and side, because I understand very well the skilled players who don't like to wait a long time for others to finish a map because it bores them a lot, and I understand the part of a newcomer because I was also once and I know what it feels like to go with pressure to quickly finish a map due to the others. The other reason of why we (at least me) sc's maps is because there're longast shit mapos and it's easier to finish by doing sc's, also in some maps it's not like we're sc'ing the 99% of the map, it's between 50/50 you know. In the past, I never saw someone complaining about this, instead, when a skilled player did toptimes they were like ''wow'' or ''Pro'', etc (and ye, this include myself). When I hear that someone is complaining because of this, I keep thinking in my mind that they feel like this because it's a bit hard for them to do it, yeah, I know some OS mapos that it's sc's are a bit more complicated but its not impossible to do it, with effort and skills you will get it at the end, don't think that doing a sc is very very easy and we will get it at the first attempt, no, it takes it's time and many attempts. So, both newcomers and skilled players have to work hard in what we want to achieve that said goal. By the way, in what IchHabHunger said in this line: Players must take the time it takes to get over something. and no, I never lost the fun because of a silly reason like that. Who is superb, competitive and optimistic can achieve anything, but if you are the opposite of that you are not a worthy player of this ;). PD: Sorry if I can sound a little bit rude, I'm not pretending to, but things like this bothers me a lot such so as others, thanks.
  17. Some new players do not even know how to drive or jump but should learn SC immediately
  18. inb4 those new players find out that actually a better way to finish the maps rather than driving on them for 5-8minutes straight
  19. I say No Because so have everyone a chance to do a toptime and it is new player friendly because they can do a toptime to, so have everyone a chance and so can everyone shows his skills when he is so good so they dont need shortcurts to be the best or to do a tt Old Players they only know shortcurts get prefers and how much time need new players to learn all shortcurts that they have a chance to tt they will loose the fun because they have no chance. Parkour is not there to cut short (os is for me parkour) and i agree with potato! I like os and when everyone can use sc so i will loose my fun because i dont have a chance anymore
  20. No. The reasoning behind that is, I don't think shortcuts are necessary. Yes, I know you probably got used to short-cutting, but I personally believe that it is much better now with all shortcuts being forbidden. I dislike the fact people used shortcuts to skip majority of the map, it's also much easier for newcomers to compete in top-times with regular players. Also, something I'd like to add, I have never slain someone, and I never will, for megajumping at the bmx part (as long as there is no skipping other parts with it). I personally wouldn't even bother playing in OS if shortcuts were allowed. Anyways, I honestly doubt that I am the only one with such an opinion.
  21. yes, please. in my opinion, you just cant forbid players to not take shortcuts on the mode, its like it has been the part of the mode itself. skills and dedications are needed to actually best out of everyone in the mode, and that's what keeps players to play from a longgg time ago. also, most of people are already used to use shortcuts in the mode as most of the maps there are "shortcut-able", for example : megajumping with bmx; skipping map parts that are not well covered(to avoid them being cut). personally, it would be weird for me to drive on these maps normally without skipping any parts. cheers.
  22. Hello, I've been getting some complaints regarding the shortcut rule in relation with oldschool mode. Due to the amount of people who wish to make OS exempt from such rule, I've decided to create a community poll in which votes will be considered thoroughly. Please note that this does not guarantee the exemption of OS from the rule, but we will try our best to accommodate to your desires. In case you are not aware of the rule I am referring to, here is the full statement: 12. Map shortcuts are NOT allowed! You are supposed to play the map the way it was intended to be played. Please vote wisely. Thank you
  23. Removal of toptimes

    [OS]Techno Vocals Players name: TheChaoz.RFH, ViperiTo Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Darkgames Players name: Marius.80InBRAT, [KOR]Potato Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. Not sure about other toptimes. [OS]Hamp v2 Players name: all toptimes Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Hamp v4 Players name: all toptimes Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed [OS]Cup of the tropics Players name: JustmeThemonster, rfh.NameLezZ. Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Have fun Players name: JustmeThemonster Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Voodoopeople Players name: JustmeThemonster Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Infernal lines Players name: TheChaoz.RFH, chocopops Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [DM]Backwards love Players name: [KOR]Potato Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. more to come soon..
  24. YARRAK - AB

    Please don't reply to the threads in this section. If you wish to talk to Thunder, go find his profile and private message him.
  25. YARRAK - AB

    hey thunder
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  27. Wave #2 successful applicants will be announced tomorrow.
  28. Removal of toptimes

    [OS]Orgasmo Infernus The Return Players name: rfh.ryder Additional notes (optional): His TT is sc'ed. Already tested it a few times.
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