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      The Underground community might not be a profitable task but its upkeep does take some effort. Donations go straight for financial expenses.

      Premium users get benefits ingame and on our forums:

      • Ingame cash one-time bonus
      • 1.5x cash and score gaining
      • Customized premium items on store
      • Daily free map tickets
      • Special chat VIP tag
      • Premium user group on forums + discord
      • Vehicle cartexts (left, roof, right)
      • Customized vehicle wheels and plate number
      • Ingame customized VIP panel
      • Map tickets discount
      • Customized name color
      • VIP-Admin ingame chat


      For every 1€, you get:

      5 Premium Days

      $5,000 ingame cash

      ** For every 20 Premium Days, you get 2 extra days for free!

      Terms and Conditions

      1. Donations are non refundable.

      2. Using chargeback will get your permanently banned.

      3. You will not get a refund if you are getting banned.

      4. If you are under 18 years old, you must have a parental permissions.

      5. Any donate below 1€ will count as a donation, but you will not get any premium feature.

      6. The Underground reserves the right to remove any of your premium feature anytime.

      ** By donating, you are accepting to these Terms and Condtions.

      To proceed, please choose one of the payment methods:

      ** On PayPal, please write your nickname in the additional notes section.

      How to recieve the Donator status?

      After donating, you need to contact Dale in order to recieve your official Premium status.
      Note that your Premium date starts counting since the moment you get the official status (set by the admin) and not the moment you donated.