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    Shindy and BennY have been promoted to Silver Members. Congratulations !
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    Welcome to Aliens With Style clan topic. It was founded in 2011 by Moita and was mostly focusing on Deathmatch Racing and will continue that tradition. Founder Moita Leaders Notey Thunder Gold Members / Silver Members Shindy BennY Bronze Members Boky Kan1st3r MusKy Trial Members / Applications are currently open. Use following format to apply! Be Alien, Be Pro !
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    anyone alive?
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    congrats to new peeple
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    Since there is the personal toptimes system, every hunter is basically a toptime. I would be pointless to make a 1st-5th toptimes count. Denied.
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    Score and cash gaining based, among other factors, on how many players played the current round. Therefore, you will probably get a low amount of score and cash while playing alone. However - accepted and added to the server.