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    Rush For Hunters has been founded by Lilsnappy and Zomdom back in 2014 (13.05.2014). I have been keeping RFH alive ever since snappy went into retirement. We're a Clan... but we prefer calling us a Family. Rush For Hunters is a Clan based on Teamwork, Fun and Loyality. We're now 3 Years old! (13.05.2017) RFH | Foxy RFH | Lilsnappy* RFH | Zomdom* RFH | HyperZ RFH | Ryder RFH | Jimmeh RFH | Exteel RFH | FatoN* RFH | Horr* RFH | Yoloo RFH | Sahne* RFH | Slimtony RFH | Walli RFH | Story* RFH | iKakashi* RFH | Centurion* RFH | iRaiden* RFH | Shveddi* RFH | Driftstyle* RFH | Wiz RFH | Ghost RFH | Amoney RFH | NeVer* RFH | EssahV* RFH | WhoZ RFH | Stefy RFH | SaK* RFH | Phoebe RFH | clowN RFH | iCloudZ RFH | Sam RFH | TheChaoZ RFH | Frenz RFH | Vic RFH | NerV RFH | Soundwave* RFH | Driver RFH | ENERGY* RFH | LuciferGRE RFH | ThecnoPrisoner RFH | BlackY* RFH | NameLezz RFH | KnownLezz RFH | DowDaw RFH | Stig RFH | Infinix RFH | -- RFH | -- Inactive Members are marked with a * | Currently 17 Inactive Members Welcome to our recruitment Section We have made this in case you want to join us Applications are currently: CLOSED Note: Your Application must have the following Format Total Clan Wars: 0 Won Clan Wars: 0 Lost Clan Wars: 0 Tied Clan Wars: 0
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    Hello there it's Duke and Me, we want to present you our clan For The Win also known as -ftw-. We will rise again from the bottom to the top. Be prepared! Xero is still the clan God and Jonny -> our clan Unicorn mascot! Leaders: ftw | F4K3 ftw | Silver ftw | Xer0 Co-Leaders: ftw | Jonny ftw | Exodus Special Members: ftw | R34L* ftw | R3hab* ftw | Alae ftw | Infra* ftw | DizzasTeR* ftw | Vitex* ftw | Zoysyus* ftw | Palico* ftw | Girlstyle* ftw | Evan ftw | Ofcye ftw | Cvele ftw | Peek Members: ftw | Gteatero* ftw | uJelly* On Trial: * = inactive INACTIVE Leader: ftw | Duke* Former Leader: ftw | Wolf Clanwars: Titles: - Who is the best tournament 2017 Silver as the Champion of the New Dawn trailer event! - Exodus - Soundwavez Notes: - Since September 2014
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    Dear players, I am glad to announce that along with the upcoming update, I consider our server out of beta. What does it mean? It basically means that the server has reached stability. From now on, my staff and I are gonna focus on world-wide advertising, alongside from bug fixes and script improvements. Administrative Changes As most of you whether noticed or not, some administrative changes has occured. Hollyweed - our excellent Map Manager and Management administrator has left the staff. Thanks for the amazing work! Best of luck. GhosT - Due to lack of time and personal matters, ex. Server Leader GhosT has freed his role, and moved onto a new role named Event Manager. He will be responsible for all server events from now on. New Roles I would like to announce the new official roles I am planning to man in the soon time: Server Owner Management Head Admin Senior Admin Junior Admin Trial Admin Developer -- Administrative promotions and further information will be posted soon. Update Log Full update fixes, changes and additions can be found here. Music Player In order to make your gameplay experience more fun and cool, Music Player feature has been added. You can now listen to a playlist set by the players. Songs browsing directly pops up results from the wide-known YouTube website. King Event As said couple of times, King events will now be run on a daily basis. The table below explains how and when: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 19:00 (7 pm) DM Racing DM Racing DM Racing DM Racing DM Racing DM Racing DM Racing 20:00 (8 pm) Derby Demolition Oldschool Shooter -- Derby Demolition Oldschool Shooter Time shown means for server time. Regards, The Underground Staff .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:11px 16px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;border-color:black;} .tg th{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:11px 16px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;border-color:black;} .tg .tg-baqh{text-align:center;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-gp9k{font-weight:bold;background-color:#ffce93;border-color:#000000;text-align:center;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-ifcm{background-color:#ffce93;text-align:center;vertical-align:top}
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    Limit Breaking Skills was made to annoy the DM world (ofcourse not), however we tried to make it bug free and enjoyable but not easy at same time. Anyways I hope you enjoy watching the video! And for the nolifers here I'll release the download link. >>Download here<< Happy nolifing! *I won't take responsibility for any broken keyboards or mouses while driving this map, everything is at your own risk.
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    Welcome to the page of asocial Pandas! It is a friendly and nice group created by Shana. The goal of this group is to create a small but awesome community with people who want to make friends and enjoyable conversations. If you want to join us just message me in game or via Discord. Pandas are really emotional and love being hugged. So I expect all the members to be nice to each other. Members: Panda mommy: Shana Loyal pandas: Ofcye Experienced pandas: ExteeL Potato Jimmeh Small pandas: -
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    Welcome to the first Shooter Mapping Event! We are here to introduce a new mapping event for all of you. This event will be assisted by Shana and Fr0sTii. If you got any questions, feel free to contact us per DM on the Forum or Discord. We will be glad to help you. Your task is to create some awesome shooter maps for us. If you don't know how to make maps we suggest you to watch some tutorials on YouTube. In case you already know how to do it, it is going to be very easy for you. Further informations and guidelines: - Admins won't take part in the event and are only allowed to vote. - Max. two people can feat per map. - You have to submit a video or a screenshot of your map below so others can vote. - You have two weeks to create the masterpieces. The event will close on 28.01.2019. - We will post a Poll with the maps on the 28.01 so you can vote - The name of the map should also describe the map itself. - The maps will be voted by other players. - There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. (TBA) A little help from us if you don’t know how to start it: - First create a ground, make sure it’s not too small and not super big either. - Cover the map with walls or fences. It is very useful, because the players should not be able to leave the map. Do not forget that in the game it is possible to jump with pressing „2” so make sure your fence or wall is bigger, than the height of the jump. - Put some nice objects in the middle or anywhere you think it would look good. Note that the main task of Shooter gamemode is to shoot each other, it means that there should be enough space to move and kill each other between objects. - Decorate your map with plants, trees, lights or anything you like. - If u want to make your map a bit harder, feel free to add some traps aswell. After your map is done, you have to do a few more things before you send it. - First add „Race” gamemode to your map, and create 30-32 spawnpoints with the chosen car. - You can also add Repair or Nitro to your map if you want. - Make sure to test the map to see if everything works the way you wanted. - Go to Environment section and choose the time and weather for your map. - Do not forget to add the Map name and the Author. - Send your maps in a .zip folder to Shana or Fr0sTii on the forum or via DM on Discord. When you feel like you are really done with everything and you decide to send it, do it the following way: Put the files into a ZIP and name it like this: [SH]Author – Map name For example: [SH]Shana – Solo star [SH]Fr0sTii – Creativity If you feat the map use the following format: [SH] Author ft. Author – Map name For example: [SH]Shana ft. Fr0sTii – Two noobs Good luck to everyone!
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    As everyone of you know, The Underground's staff is trying to please all of the community members as much as possible. So we started to ask ourselves, what do the players desire? How can we make this community and the server a better place for our members? How can we please them to the maximum? And trust me, a lot of other questions. But as everyone knows, guessing doesn't always have a guaranteed result. So we would like to ask every single one of you to fill out a itsy bitsy tiny survey, where it can deliver your opinion to the staff team, and let us know what YOU want. Every opinion matters! We all know that, we all hear that in our daily lives; and it's true. YOUR opinion matters to us, to make this community a place where everyone would feel welcome within. https://goo.gl/forms/KJMuoMy5QVp3oVHu1
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    New Challenges was created on 8th of June, 2014. New Challenges was founded by Sp3Ctra, Wraith, and Katherine. How do we found this name? Well, when three of us were clanless as our previous clan was closed, we are thinking about to make a new clan. We've tried a lot of name but we think "New Challenges" is the best name for our clan. Founders Sp3Ctra Katherine Wraith Leaders Timez Dr4gZ SilverHawk Evan Members Flatz iBoSs eXtazzy Yodi Trasher Trials Siisti - Cheating/Hacking will be instantly kick out. - Be active, honest, loyal. - Don't spam in the clan chat. - No multi-clanning or clan-hopping (will result to a ban to joining our clan). - Respect to other players. - Follow the SERVER RULES. If you are interested in joining, don't hesitate to send your clan application to one of the clan leaders with the format below: More to add on the thread, if I made any mistake or I miss something please message me!
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    True true his skills ain't good anymore. Go retire thundy
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    KOR, a renowned clan, was founded back in 2011. Since the beginning only the best were and are able to join and every member wears their tag with pride and honor. #King Of Roads Members Leader sT4RsHinE Co-Leaders ForbiddeN. R3in. Kings Hollyweed moonchild. PokeMaster Road Rapists Ember Trials - Dead honor members Trollex Flamingo Antonio [KOR] Official Rules §1 Exemplary behavior Respect other members & clans. Behave appropriately in public! This is very important. §2 Loyality Be 100% loyal. Never inform other users about clan internal informations. §3 Changing name Changing names every day is forbidden. Inform the leaders if you have changed your name. §4 UG Rules Avoid warns & bans. We wont invite members, which hurts our reputation. §5 Be honest Always be honest, my friend. §6 Activity We expect at least an average activity. Inform us IN TIME, if you are going to be inactive (less time, vacation etc.). Else you will get demotion & kick. §7 Teamwork Always support your clan-members as much as you can! Be helpful, cooperative, friendly & attentively to each other. §8 Instructions Accept & respect decision higher ranked members, if its justifiable. §9 KOR 4 ever Clan hopping is strictly forbidden. If you may return once you left, will be the decision of the leaders. §10 Be up to date Inform yourself about clan news & planned activities. §11 Internal problems Inform & talk to the leaders, if there is a problem with an other member. §12 Military Zone Hail to the Military Zone! Clanwars No recent clanwars Recruitment Interested in joining us? Send an application to the leaders and co-leaders using the format below. Alternatively you can also send us a message ingame. Ingame-name: Previous names: Age: Country: Have you been in KOR before?: Have you played on other servers like this before?: Anything else you want to tell us?: This thread is constantly being updated. Anything I forgot to mention? Message me!
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    Here you can find a complete guide on how to use the different Mapping Tools and ofcourse how to install them. Enjoy [Introduction] To begin with I want you to know that this Guide is not only for those who want to get into mapping but also for those who still got open questions about some Mapping Tools. Always remember that you need to put effort and time into good Maps, so if you're not patient enough don't start mapping or you Maps won't be the best. I hope this Guide will help you a bit and maybe also to get more people into mapping I will include youtube tutorials, where you're mostly able to download the tool but I will also offer you a seperate download. +++ how to make a good map in my mind (don't open the spoiler if you don't want to know my opinion). [How to install] [Tools] I'll start with the tools which I mostly use nowadays but also implement older tools for those who like it nostalgic. (Download, Tutorial etc can be found in the spoilers) 1. Arezu's Mapping Tool aka AMT 2. NeXTreme's Editor Tools aka Netools 3. Movementrecorder by Dr.CrazY - (You could also use THIS recording tool by PewX if you like but I prefer MRT) 4. nGear's Grouping Tool aka NGT 5. Mirage's Magic Tool aka MMT 6. Autoshade by Gr0x --- And here are a few more, mostly older tools. [DOWLOAD]
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    So I have been getting into Photoshop a lot recently, and I decided to share some of my works with you guys, tell me your opinions on what I should improve and what not. I will be updating this as I make more designs, hopefully. New #1
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    @Shindy need an Extra Rank like "Hurensohn"
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    It would be great if you had the opportunity to disable/enable certain elements. Enables/Disable chats - / togchat global/mode/irc/clan Enables/Disable spectator bar - /togspec Enables/Disable private messages - /togpm Enables/Disable PVP requests - /togpvp
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    wow we got a mashed potato panda on board. Sounds cool.
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    Rewatched it three times now, makes me laugh everytime
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    New Maps DD Maps: [DD] All Star Ring [DD] Atmosfera [DD] Boulder Cross [DD] Break Ur Back [DD] Cheese [DD] Chess [DD] Cross [DD] Cross 3 [DD] Cross 17 [DD] Cross 28 [DD] Cross DyaDya [DD] Cross Multicar [DD] Cross S15 [DD] Cross Z [DD] Cross Y [DD] Destruction Water [DD] Epic Cross [DD] Hardcore [DD] HertogJan [DD] King of the Hill [DD] Monster World [DD] Mountain Derby [DD] NeverLand [DD] OldSkool [DD] Orgi III [DD] Plop XT [DD] RoofTops [DD] Subaru [DD] Sunny [DD] Tail Whopper [DD] Valentine [DD] Wallride [DD] WankenRace [DD] Worlds Apart [DD] X Cross [DD] Xtreme
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    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Keyboard Smasher [DM] Isles [DM] Wicked [DM] 120000 Retries [DM] Aether [DM] Aether II [DM] Backward Stages [DM] Backward Time [DM] Essential Serenity [DM] For The Haters Final [DM] Forsaken Tomb [DM] Glorious Evolution [DM] Iron Will [DM] Made In 30 Minutes [DM] Mammoth [DM] One Shade [DM] Sleek [DM] Substance [DM] Substance II [DM] Track Matters [DM] Track Matters II [DM] Venom OS Racing: [OS] Addicted II [OS] Final Fantasy [OS] The Road of the Dead [OS] Back to the Old West [OS] DeadAngel [OS] Equinox [OS] FeeL iT [OS] Good Luck II [OS] Good Luck III [OS] Good Luck IV [OS] Hot Summer [OS] Magnetic Love [OS] Northwind [OS] The Paradise [OS] This Is My Style
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    Definitely the best clan.. after KOR, ofc.
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    For some time we have been asked by many players if they can join us. We would now like to draw a clear line and will only consider players who write an application through our application form. Applications can be sent public using the answer function at our Clan Topic, but can also be sent to a leader privately. However private applications are also shared among all clan members to make a decision.
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    Congratulations to KOR for becoming official. Your activity has been noticed and you have been rewarded accordingly. Keep it up!
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    Congratulations to RFH for becoming an official clan! Your activity has been noticed, thus your application is hereby ACCEPTED.
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    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Effervescence 2 [DM] Extraordinary Skill [DM] Just Got Shrekt [DM] Just Got Shrekt 2 [DM] Project Z II [DM] Uncanny [DM] Until we die
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    Fixes/Changes: - /pvp is now enabled - /donate is now enabled (Must have 50+ hours) - X-mas got disabled - Few bugs that were crashing the server got fixed. Server Statistics up to this date: - $1,623,208 total cash gained - 459 total hours gained - 137,029 total score gained - 956 accounts registered so far
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    Rule 12. added to the rules list. 12. Map shortcuts are NOT allowed! You are supposed to play the map the way it was intended to be played.
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    Greetings, Recently, we have been speaking to quite a few respectable users who used to play in this community previously. Nonetheless, after evaluating the input from each user, The Underground management have decided to relaunch the server and deliver what many have been seeking for quite a long time. We are aware that some might have moved on from this platform, but we are willing to re-open for those who are still attached to multi-mode gaming in SAMP. The version of the script is carried on from where we last left it. Additionally, we will be starting from scratch in terms of user accounts. Some might question this decision, but it is definitely for the better. Not only does it provide fair chances for everyone, but the approach we are going to use from now on in terms of handling a community will be different. With that being said, we thought it would be better if everyone started by creating a new account. Besides, people might wish to start with new anonymous nicknames, you never know. Also, we are aware that the previous host has been facing multiple issues with players getting desynced and packet loss issues, therefore, we are now operating the server in a much-advanced host with many beneficial features for the players and the developers. Not to mention that the current host location is based in France, by which we hope will provide a fair advantage for everyone around the globe. Secondly, we have decided to revamp the staff team, hence why the majority of the previous administrators are no longer within the team. Again, some might question the decision, however, we are willing to be more ‘open-minded’ and recruit different and new people who we failed to see and acknowledge before. With that in mind, everyone has a fair chance in being picked, so try your best! Lastly, we will be taking all your feedback in consideration. We want to hear your voices and we want to create the community that best suits you! Do not be afraid to shout criticism and suggestions so long as its constructive and logical. We always will appreciate you taking your time and trying to help us improve. This community revolves around you guys, so let’s try to make the best out of it while it lasts. The Underground Management Team
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    Shindy and BennY have been promoted to Silver Members. Congratulations !
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    Supporting, but only if extra money when u win multiple times is disabled
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    Nice arting. Looks good.
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    now i want my name.. with an Anime background xDD ok no i dont have money LUL Cool pics bro
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    Essential Serenity is a DM based Clan created around the end of January 2018. We started as a 4 man Squad with Booze, Gravity, Shiba and Reitrem. ­[eS] Leadment » Reitrem » Booze » Gravity [eS] Member(s) » Shiba » iBoss* » Bier » Grumpy* [eS] Trial(s) » BaguettePapi » SteineRR » 9 - Total Members 2 - Total Inactive * = Inactive 7th April 2018 [eS] Clanwars » [DM] eS against vT [26.03.2018] - Win (18 - 0) » [DM] eS against vT [26.03.2018] - Tie (9 - 9) » [DM] eS against vT [26.03.2018] - Lost (0 - 18) Interested in joining? Asking will not hurt at all. Show us what you got and we consider accepting you.
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    Shindy has passed the trial phase and became Bronze Member.
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    Easter Event will take place today and tomorrow on 19:00 (7pm) GMT time. The event will be in Events gamemode, and alot of rewards will be be given. Happy Easter!
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    1 year ago Feel free to hate
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    I can see myself up there
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    no one want u ;( Good Luck
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    In case you had an idea of a special event that you'd like to be hosted on the server, please feel free to create a new topic with the following post format: Thread title: EVENT - Event name. Post: [b]Your in-game name:[/b] [b]Mode for event(DM/DD/SH/OS):[/b] [b]Event title:[/b] [b]Event description:[/b] [b]Additional Information?:[/b]
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    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Detrimental Depth II [DM] Cobra Skills [DM] Anakonda Skills [DM] Lead The Way [DM] Surface II [DM] Deep Power Paradise IV
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    Added two new pieces that I've made. Thanks, also I don't do them for money, at least at the moment.
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    We were all noobs (Still am) back then we still managed with invisible objects xd. Nonetheless, don't see why not. Anything that's beneficial for the server has my support.
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    Honestly, even if people invite alot of members, it shouldn't effect the ranking much since it all comes down to their activity and I don't think people will join clan just to give them points. Haven't seen that happening or on a very tiny scale. But yeah someone should kick Ryder from clan.
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    And the time the clan will stay alive. Thats our main reason of having so much members. +half of our clan is still os
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    Alright, lets get it started #RFH immortal
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    Greetings Nolifers, Reitrem here with Forsaken Tomb, its my ft. with Gravity! We've tried to make a map with some other parts than usual, this is the result and it was a success. We hope you can atleast try to enjoy it <3 Download only on request for now. (Might add it later on) Discord - Reitrem / Sebastian#6858