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  3. Welcome to the first Shooter Mapping Event! We are here to introduce a new mapping event for all of you. This event will be assisted by Shana and Fr0sTii. If you got any questions, feel free to contact us per DM on the Forum or Discord. We will be glad to help you. Your task is to create some awesome shooter maps for us. If you don't know how to make maps we suggest you to watch some tutorials on YouTube. In case you already know how to do it, it is going to be very easy for you. Further informations and guidelines: - Admins won't take part in the event and are only allowed to vote. - Max. two people can feat per map. - You have to submit a video or a screenshot of your map below so others can vote. - You have two weeks to create the masterpieces. The event will close on 28.01.2019. - We will post a Poll with the maps on the 28.01 so you can vote - The name of the map should also describe the map itself. - The maps will be voted by other players. - There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. (TBA) A little help from us if you don’t know how to start it: - First create a ground, make sure it’s not too small and not super big either. - Cover the map with walls or fences. It is very useful, because the players should not be able to leave the map. Do not forget that in the game it is possible to jump with pressing „2” so make sure your fence or wall is bigger, than the height of the jump. - Put some nice objects in the middle or anywhere you think it would look good. Note that the main task of Shooter gamemode is to shoot each other, it means that there should be enough space to move and kill each other between objects. - Decorate your map with plants, trees, lights or anything you like. - If u want to make your map a bit harder, feel free to add some traps aswell. After your map is done, you have to do a few more things before you send it. - First add „Race” gamemode to your map, and create 30-32 spawnpoints with the chosen car. - You can also add Repair or Nitro to your map if you want. - Make sure to test the map to see if everything works the way you wanted. - Go to Environment section and choose the time and weather for your map. - Do not forget to add the Map name and the Author. - Send your maps in a .zip folder to Shana or Fr0sTii on the forum or via DM on Discord. When you feel like you are really done with everything and you decide to send it, do it the following way: Put the files into a ZIP and name it like this: [SH]Author – Map name For example: [SH]Shana – Solo star [SH]Fr0sTii – Creativity If you feat the map use the following format: [SH] Author ft. Author – Map name For example: [SH]Shana ft. Fr0sTii – Two noobs Good luck to everyone!