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  1. Post your favourite songs and Rate others

    Ayy, it got a good beat tho. 7/10.
  2. Last letter!

  3. Never have I ever

    I never got my bone broken neither watched starwars nor watched games of thrones. Answered all the aboves, I'll start. Never have I ever wrote a biography.
  4. Last letter!

  5. Last letter!

    Yahoo. (Such a smartass you are)
  6. Last letter!

    This game is one of the most interesting and simple forums games. You might've heard about it with different names. This game is called "The last letter" where the player above you will states a word and you have make another word from it's last letter. Simple is that! Well, since I'm the first person. I'll start this game by giving you a word; "Cookie🍪"
  7. Would you rather?

    President, so I can help my people with empathy and devotion and give them what they need. Would you rather have a world tour or go for travel to one specific country with your best buddies?
  8. Guess About The previous Poster!

    24/7 messaging me.
  9. Real life picture thread!

    Oh noes, this nigga obsessed with me Plus, I can beat you on your filter but nah. o-o thank you? I guesss..
  10. [DDC] Drunken Drivers Clan

    Why always torture me :c