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  1. This is all we need to say.
  2. Removal of toptimes

    [OS]Orgasmo Infernus The Return Players name: rfh.ryder Additional notes (optional): His TT is sc'ed. Already tested it a few times.
  3. Removal of toptimes

    [OS]Drift Projekt Players name: JustmeTheMonster & rfh.NamelezZ. Additional notes (optional): Both toptimes 1 & 2 are sc'ed. [OS]Drum and Bass Players name: JustmeTheMonster, rfh.ryder, [KOR]IchHabHunger, [KOR]Potato Additional notes (optional): All toptimes except the 5'th one are sc'ed. Tested it with [KOR]IchHabHunger
  4. Removal of toptimes

    [OS]Infernus PRO X Players name: chocopops Additional notes (optional): He got his TT 1 by using a sc. [OS]So Simple 2 Players name: ViperiTo Players name: #Eighty Additional notes (optional): Top time 1 and 2 are sc'ed, cheated whatever.