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  1. toggle commands

    It would be great if you had the opportunity to disable/enable certain elements. Enables/Disable chats - / togchat global/mode/irc/clan Enables/Disable spectator bar - /togspec Enables/Disable private messages - /togpm Enables/Disable PVP requests - /togpvp
  2. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

    For some time we have been asked by many players if they can join us. We would now like to draw a clear line and will only consider players who write an application through our application form. Applications can be sent public using the answer function at our Clan Topic, but can also be sent to a leader privately. However private applications are also shared among all clan members to make a decision.
  3. Increase Clan Member Limit

    As the title already says, I would like to suggest that the Clan Member Limit will be raised or removed. Of course, I do not know if there is a reason to limit it, but there are clans with way more than 20 members..
  4. Increase Clan Member Limit

    Just as an idea, maybe it would be possible to fix it that way: the more members a clan has, the lower will be a percentage calculated chance that a clan gets a point for a hunter / kill As example 20 Members 80% Chance 30 Members 70% Chance ...
  5. Last letter!

  6. Would you rather?

    be loved by someone you don't love Would you rather love or hate everyone on the earth
  7. Lotto Price Pool

    Currently it is not worth using / lotto to give players more incentive I suggest you could add the price of the previous lottery to the next, as long as nobody has won it. This also prevents money from being voided.
  8. /pm name

    Or by using /pm <partofthename>.. Also nice would be adding /id <partofthename> to get a quick overview of a player without having to scroll trough the tablist.
  9. Deathlist

    I actually prefer the Death List as she is right now, it's not to big and not to small
  10. Real life picture thread!

    Damnn, my hair sucks
  11. Would you rather?

    Loved Tbh i can't really decide bcs i prefer the middle Would you rather blame Foxy or someone you don't know?