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  1. Эмди спортивная CYLF.RU Show more...

  2. Looking so good, keep it up Dale ^^
  3. [GUIDE]Mapping Tools

  4. Last letter!

  5. Bug Reports

    Yep, this also happened in two maps in OS and nos pickup doesn't work sometimes yet.
  6. 5 suggestions

    Agree with all of them. The chatclan colour could be THIS
  7. Bugged maps

    [OS]Gravedanger by Flake - When you reach the red square marked in the screenshot you will die cuz' of water, that part needs to be raised a little bit. (I don't know how Jack and Camila passed through, maybe they were lagging or something)
  8. Happy Hour

  9. /bet command

    True, then we can make it similar to lotto, if you earned random money because of X guy, you have the possibility to earn more money than a normal bet, I mean, there won't be limits, it could be $1500 or more than that, it's lucky stuff just like lotto literally and yes! You also could lose so much money because of it but that's up to you, I mean, take the risk to get more. If this isn't that good for anyone else, we should take the first method I've mentioned before it.
  10. /bet command

    This ^ is what I was going to say but nvm. About prices ye, I think the limit amount you could bet is $500, if the player who you'd bet on wins by reaching the hunter first, that money will be multiplied x2 meaning you will get $1000 for that bet, otherwise, you will lose the amount of money you have bet and so on with the rest. /bet X $400 -> player who's been bet on wins = $800 /bet X $350 -> player who's been bet on wins = $700 /bet X $280 -> player who's been bet on wins = $560 On the other hand, it could be automatically, what do I mean with this? You'll bet on X player by using /bet X, if that player wins by reaching the hunter first, you will earn random money, for example: $1000 $1500 $150 $246 or whatever the price limit that will be put in the Script (As players see it fair and comfortable), if X player doesn't reach the hunter first, the bettor will lose random money, too similar as the statement said above.
  11. Bugged maps

    [OS] Nexon Style by Nexon - When you take the Maverick you will fall off to the water and rip x_x. [OS] The Run by KoufosGR - When picking up the RC Bandit you'll die a few centimeters later cuz' of water, the red square shows where exactly.
  12. [GUIDE] The Underground Store

    Nice guide Wat0n.
  13. Last letter!