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  1. [Aws] Aliens With Style

    congrats to new peeple
  2. Score/money if playing alone

    Make UG Great Again edit: fk i have to tag dale for this @Dale
  3. Give me credit for setting ed sheeran song @Dale
  4. The event is now officially closed. The winner will be announced in the upcoming days.
  5. [GUIDE]Mapping Tools

    Good work! Decent effort exerted, clearly.
  6. I've moved the due date further ahead to the 15th of April. I hope it is more convienent now for those who are participating in the event. You get 3 extra days.
  7. Show/Hide Objects

    We were all noobs (Still am) back then we still managed with invisible objects xd. Nonetheless, don't see why not. Anything that's beneficial for the server has my support.
  8. Mmm, We'll put that into consideration, don't worry too much about the deadline for now. If you are working on the intro, keep working on it.
  9. [KOR] King Of Roads

    As I told you ig. Logo looks dope and u needn’t luck with this!
  10. Just a reminder that there are 3 days left for the event's deadline. Good luck.
  11. [Aws] Aliens With Style

    Learn 2 be bronze
  12. Help

    Can you try uploading a common picture? Stop uploading the ones you create or whatever, just try uploading a basic forum profile picture from the internet.
  13. Help

    Make sure you use the recommended quality. Re-sizing images will only make it smaller but the quality decreases tremendously. This is fairly hard to be defined as a forum related issue. Its most likely the pictures you use.
  14. The Underground: Intro Event As the title says, we will be launching an intro competition which will be very simple in terms of 'structure'. Seeing that the community has recently launched, we would like to take the opportunity into giving you guys the chance of contributing and creating something beneficial for the server. In this following competition, we are looking for skilled individuals who are capable of creating a video that introduces the major concepts this community offers. That being said, the intro should represent a basic overview and give a brief introduction about everything 'major' within. However, in order for you to contribute, please take a look below at the requirements and instructions that you need to follow. Requirements & Instructions 1. The video must have the community's logo embedded within it. 2. The length of the video has to be between 1:30 - 2 minutes. (NO LONGER THAN THAT) 3. All of the content submitted must be originally created by 'YOU'. 4. Please review the copyrights before uploading music in your intro to ensure you are not violating any. 5. The video must cover all the modes the server offers and give an insight on the community in general. 6. The video must give an insight on the features the server offers. (/ranking, /shop, etc) 7. All of the content within the video must entirely be created within the 'SAMP' platform. (Any external platforms will not be considered) 8. You may add credits for yourself and whoever is in your group (If any) at the end of the video. (Do not over exaggerate on this one) 9. The server's IP and forum url must be included in your video. 10. A maximum of 4 people can contribute in the video. (Can be less, so long as you don't exceed 4) How to submit? Essentially, whenever your intro video is done, you may send the video to 'Thunder' or 'DriftboyZ' and @Dale. Please make sure you submit your content before the due date. All submissions must go through Youtube platform. DUE DATE FOR SUBMISSION: 15/04/2018 20:00 GMT Prizes & Giveaways 1. 75,000$ for the winner. (Only 1 person may claim it) 2. 15 days of premium sponsorship (VIP) for the winner. (Only 1 person may claim it) 3. 20,000$ for every participant, regardless of whether you win the competition or not. 4. If your video wins, it will be used as the server's official video. Note: It is entirely your own responsibility to figure out who will claim the gifts if you decide to work in a group. No more than one person will be crowned as the winner of this event. Good luck to the participants. The Underground, Administration Team
  15. Last letter!