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  1. Please note: 10 votes from the 'No' option will be disregarded due to the fact that some individual is trying to be funny by creating duplicate accounts to increase the vote count. Currently: Yes: 16 votes No: 7 Votes
  2. sigh. Thread locked. Please cast your votes via the polls, further textual input is not required.
  3. Hello, I've been getting some complaints regarding the shortcut rule in relation with oldschool mode. Due to the amount of people who wish to make OS exempt from such rule, I've decided to create a community poll in which votes will be considered thoroughly. Please note that this does not guarantee the exemption of OS from the rule, but we will try our best to accommodate to your desires. In case you are not aware of the rule I am referring to, here is the full statement: 12. Map shortcuts are NOT allowed! You are supposed to play the map the way it was intended to be played. Please vote wisely. Thank you
  4. Wave #2 successful applicants will be announced tomorrow.
  5. Removal of toptimes

  6. Removal of toptimes

    Approved and removed for both maps.
  7. Applications are OPEN! Closing date is set to 10th of February 2019 - 20:00 GMT.
  8. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Asiza [DM] Bastard Skills II [DM] Curtains Falls III [DM] Open World [DM] Speed Island [DM] The Essence of Speed [DM] Unthinkable Fixed Maps: [DM] Arcane Skyland [DM] Blackout II [DM] Illusionism [DM] Infernus Control [DM] Insatiability II [DM] Mixed Style [DM] Never Stop [DM] Skilled DueL [DM] Uncanny II - Reitrem NOTE: If for any reason the fixed maps are still buggy, feel free to report them once more. Thanks for understanding
  9. Polls will be closed tomorrow at 18:00 GMT. Please advise ^^
  10. US | Unskilled

    Congratulations to US for obtaining the official status. Your activity has been noticed and we'd like to reward you accordingly. Please keep up your good work! Cheers
  11. YARRAK - AB

    Banned. Thanks for reporting
  12. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Dark Wheels [DM] Dawn in the Ruins II [DM] Draw a Line II [DM] Freezing Ability II [DM] Heaven of Rocks [DM] Heaven of Rocks II [DM] Insidious Deeps II [DM] Legendary Path [DM] Sheer Madness [DM] Trophy II [DM] Uncanny II - Reitrem
  13. Updated. Frosti have passed their trial period. Shana have passed their trial period.
  14. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] A Beautiful Place of Love [DM] Abyss II [DM] Assassinate All II [DM] Breathless [DM] Calling out [DM] Celestial Places [DM] Despiar II [DM] Downhill [DM] Downhill II [DM] Fairy Tail II [DM] Haunted III [DM] Inclination [DM] Interminable II [DM] Interminable III [DM] Revolt [DM] Stylo [DM] Summer Dreams [DM] TRON [DM] Tropical Pain II - Reitrem