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  1. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Arcane Skyland [DM] Deep Legacy [DM] Industries of Nature [DM] Silver Beauty [DM] Among The Mountains III [DM] Face Your Fears [DM] Falls [DM] For The Haters [DM] For The Haters II [DM] For The Haters III [DM] Hislerim [DM] Hucci [DM] Limit Breaking Skills Shooter Maps: [SH] Solo Star [SH] From my memories DD Maps: [DD] Coconut OS Racing: [OS] Game Over
  2. [-ftw-] For The Win

    ftw has been open ever since UG has relaunched. Therefore, I've granted them official status based on their dedication and activity displayed. Congratulations & keep it up!
  3. Ban Appeal [ACCEPTED]

    I hope you understood why we were on alert and issued you with a ban. As I've said, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that you are telling the truth as per our conversation. If you were actually allowing someone on your account, then use this chance and redeem it accordingly. Unbanned
  4. Ban Appeal [ACCEPTED]

    Okay, let's be honest here. Did you let someone on your account today? I'd advise you not to treat me like a dumb person as well ^^
  5. That's fine, but you are going to forfeit one map though. In other words, you can only claim one map, either your feat or your solo one. Meaning, if you claim the solo, you won't win any prizes if the feat one was voted the best and vice versa. Your partner will win the prize, but you won't if you wish to participate with your solo map.
  6. Map Updates

    New Maps DD Maps: [DD] All Star Ring [DD] Atmosfera [DD] Boulder Cross [DD] Break Ur Back [DD] Cheese [DD] Chess [DD] Cross [DD] Cross 3 [DD] Cross 17 [DD] Cross 28 [DD] Cross DyaDya [DD] Cross Multicar [DD] Cross S15 [DD] Cross Z [DD] Cross Y [DD] Destruction Water [DD] Epic Cross [DD] Hardcore [DD] HertogJan [DD] King of the Hill [DD] Monster World [DD] Mountain Derby [DD] NeverLand [DD] OldSkool [DD] Orgi III [DD] Plop XT [DD] RoofTops [DD] Subaru [DD] Sunny [DD] Tail Whopper [DD] Valentine [DD] Wallride [DD] WankenRace [DD] Worlds Apart [DD] X Cross [DD] Xtreme
  7. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Keyboard Smasher [DM] Isles [DM] Wicked [DM] 120000 Retries [DM] Aether [DM] Aether II [DM] Backward Stages [DM] Backward Time [DM] Essential Serenity [DM] For The Haters Final [DM] Forsaken Tomb [DM] Glorious Evolution [DM] Iron Will [DM] Made In 30 Minutes [DM] Mammoth [DM] One Shade [DM] Sleek [DM] Substance [DM] Substance II [DM] Track Matters [DM] Track Matters II [DM] Venom OS Racing: [OS] Addicted II [OS] Final Fantasy [OS] The Road of the Dead [OS] Back to the Old West [OS] DeadAngel [OS] Equinox [OS] FeeL iT [OS] Good Luck II [OS] Good Luck III [OS] Good Luck IV [OS] Hot Summer [OS] Magnetic Love [OS] Northwind [OS] The Paradise [OS] This Is My Style
  8. Map Updates

    New Maps DD Maps: [DD] Night 1 [DD] Night 2 [DD] Play 4 Fun OS Racing: [OS] Colores The Legend [OS] Hot Right Now [OS] If you Seek Hunter [OS] Infernus Driver [OS] Infernus Pro X NOTE: More OS & DD maps will be uploaded in greater batches.
  9. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

  10. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

    Can i join plzzz
  11. Multiple Clan Leaders

    That's already possible. It is not possible for clan leaders, but possible for management to do that for you. Just talk to me in-game and I'll set whoever you want as level 5 in RFH.
  12. [KOR] King of Roads

    Congratulations to KOR for becoming official. Your activity has been noticed and you have been rewarded accordingly. Keep it up!
  13. After a hard debate between the selection of applications, we are pleased to announce the following applicants as new trial administrators: 1. Frosti 2. ExteeL 3. Notey 4. Shana With that being said, I'd like to personally congratulate all 4 of them and wish the rest better luck next time. I'd also like to point out that coming up with the final decision was not easy. If we had a larger cap for administrators then there would've been more recruited from those who applied. I'd like to take this moment and thank everyone who applied for giving their time to apply and contribute towards the community. Best of luck in the next admin wave, whenever that is. - Management Team PS: I'll give feedback to those who weren't accepted later on tonight / tomorrow so that they can improve if they would be willing to apply in the 2nd wave.
  14. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Footprints of Magic [DM] Impel Down II [DM] Jandy [DM] Just A Dream [DM] Nature Glow [DM] Unexpected City [DM] Yarrak BackWardships
  15. toggle commands

    /tog already toggles private messages ON/OFF I believe.
  16. Recruitment is CLOSED.
  17. How to Apply? Applying for a staff position is easy. You are required to copy the format below and fill it in with your details. You are required to fill each field, unless it is optional. You need to remember that applying for a staff position declares that you are willing to put more effort than others towards this community. If you are willing to give your time for this server, then you are at the right thread. Guidelines & Requirements 1. You must be able to communicate(type) in English effectively. 2. You must be willing to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a week towards administrating (Exceptions may be applied) 3. You must be willing to take in criticism and apply it in your field of work. 4. You must have at least 7 hours of play time (In-game --> /stats). 5. Your admin record must be clean with minor offences. 6. You need to be registered on forums and in the server's discord group. 7. Must be willing to take instructions from superior staff members and apply them in practice. 8. Must be willing to spend time in all game-modes depending on player's activities in the said mode. 9. Must be able to work in a team effectively without hindering your teammates. Filling Your Application Title of your application --> [Your Name] - [Admin Application] [b]Your In-game name[/b]: [b]Your forum name[/b]: [b]Age(Optional)[/b]: [b]GMT[/b]: [b]Nationality(Optional)[/b]: [b]Why would you like to join the staff team?(min 75 words)[/b]: [b]What can you bring for the staff team / community? (min 100 words)[/b]: [b]Talk about yourself(min 75 words)[/b]: [b]Discord Name(With 4 digit number)[/b]: [b]Screenshot of your in-game playtime[/b]: How the Process Works After you fill in your application, you will forum PM me (Thunder) with your filled in app. Afterwards, I will have a read through your application and either place you in the 'Pending' file or the 'Denied' file. Based on your application, it will all be decided. In some special cases, I will invite the individuals in a one on one chat with myself on Discord/Skype (Whichever they desire). The process has no due date, I will take as long as I need to give everyone a fair chance. Meaning, each and every application will be thoroughly considered and you will receive a proper explanation as to why you got 'accepted' or 'denied'. Each one will receive a reply from me with their final status of their application via forum PM. I advise you to keep an eye on your PMs after you apply. PS: If you are afraid that you will be denied because you had a conflict with me previously or with anyone in the staff team, then don't. We will not be biased towards anyone who applies. EDIT: I will be monitoring your in-game activity once you apply too.
  18. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Assembly [DM] Burrito Trip [DM] Descendant Skills [DM] Descendant Skills II [DM] Everlasting Greenery [DM] Freezing Ability [DM] Happily Ever After [DM] Happy End [DM] Lost Highway [DM] Roses [DM] Serendipity [DM] Valkyrie [DM] WaterFront
  19. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

    Congratulations to RFH for becoming an official clan! Your activity has been noticed, thus your application is hereby ACCEPTED.
  20. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Effervescence 2 [DM] Extraordinary Skill [DM] Just Got Shrekt [DM] Just Got Shrekt 2 [DM] Project Z II [DM] Uncanny [DM] Until we die
  21. Fixes/Changes: - /pvp is now enabled - /donate is now enabled (Must have 50+ hours) - X-mas got disabled - Few bugs that were crashing the server got fixed. Server Statistics up to this date: - $1,623,208 total cash gained - 459 total hours gained - 137,029 total score gained - 956 accounts registered so far
  22. Rules

    Rule 12. added to the rules list. 12. Map shortcuts are NOT allowed! You are supposed to play the map the way it was intended to be played.
  23. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] Detrimental Depth II [DM] Cobra Skills [DM] Anakonda Skills [DM] Lead The Way [DM] Surface II [DM] Deep Power Paradise IV
  24. Map Updates

    New Maps DM Racing: [DM] After Earths Legacy [DM] Bring The Madness [DM] Dark Inception IV [DM] Dark Saints [DM] Divnity [DM] Feeling Stronger [DM] For Fuck Sake [DM] Godness [DM] Godness II [DM] Inner Fury II [DM] Intrepid Player [DM] Pastanistan Skills [DM] Say GoodBye [DM] Source Code II [DM] SurrendeR [DM] Toxicant [DM] Water Redemption
  25. Applications are OPEN! Applications will close on the 10th of January 2019. Good luck