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  1. US | Unskilled

    Leaders: • Xer0 • Reitrem Co-Leaders: • Booze • (Peek) Absolute Noobs: • Notey • R3dwine Definitely Unskilled: • Redux • Jona Clanwars • [DM] US vs j4F [01.01.2019] - Easy Win (18 - 0) • [SH] US vs j4F [01.01.2018] - Close Lose (0 - 18) - Ratio: 101% ▼ Fun Facts about our Clanwars ▼ Recruitment Simply ask someone in the leaders position ingame/elsewhere and we'll consider it, please do not apply under the topic. = inactive Last update: 15.02.2019 Total Members: 8 Inactive Members: 3 Notify Reitrem if you're missing or want to be removed from the member list
  2. Is there a restriction for the amount of maps that can be submitted? For example I'd like to upload my own map and maybe a ft with someone else, would that be okay?
  3. Last letter!

  4. Last letter!

  5. Some small ideas

    These suggestions aint bad, but actually getting all of these to work would be a lot of work. The quest idea is something I'd really enjoy, but I would only do either Weekly quests or Monthly quests since you already have achievements and these could be some sort of quest aswell. Well I guess daily quests wouldn't be bad either. Adding some more achievements like collect 100 repairs or win 3 times in a row would also be a cool idea. A recruit system is also not bad but I'd be very careful with that, as you said there could be faker and its not that hard to do so. I guess there could be some sort of monthly event, maybe you could wide it open and say it could be similiar to the King event, altho its rotating in gamemode and map. (eg. 2DM maps - 2DD maps and so on) However I would wait with that and let the server grow up a little more before adding those fancy features.
  6. A Shooter suggestion

    You can customize the key for jumping in your GTA SA settings. The default keys to jump are 2 and Numb + currently, you may aswell change Numb + to anything you like. For example, I've set the key for myself to alt and it works just fine.
  7. 5 suggestions

    I'm supporting all these, altho the 3rd suggestions is discussable. I like the idea of math ridles since the Server doesn't have that much of variation when it comes to Chat Activity (most active players know which words exist by now already) Adding some more words would be one thing, but there are also words with have various possibilities. (Like pool, loop or thing, night) So either writing the first letter in caps would help,or giving multiple possibilities and maybe all these should give out some money?
  8. After reviewing the applications following clans have gained themselves an official status: Drunken Drivers Clan | Rush For Hunters | For The Win | Essential Serenity | Too Skilled * Any other following application from now on has to follow the clan requirements. (Click here for more) Thanks for applying and we hope you enjoy your official status! Event closed.
  9. Guess About The previous Poster!

    That guy above me ... ... he is actually not a Ghost.
  10. Greetings Nolifers, Reitrem here with Forsaken Tomb, its my ft. with Gravity! We've tried to make a map with some other parts than usual, this is the result and it was a success. We hope you can atleast try to enjoy it <3 Download only on request for now. (Might add it later on) Discord - Reitrem / Sebastian#6858
  11. Best part about this topic? and the record of course ;3
  12. Requirements • The clan needs to have atleast 6 members. (This includes the leaders) • The clan members need to be active. • The clan has to exist 3 weeks minimum. (This goes by creation date of the topic) • The clan has to agree the clan ruleset. • The clan leader has to fill the application below and send it to the current clan manager. Factors the clan manager considers while reviewing your application: - Does the clan have a negative background? (Considering clan members behaviour) - Does the clan have a positive background? - Is your clan name acceptable? (Disrespectful names will not be tolerated) Application Format Clan Ruleset Following the ruleset is a requirement for becoming an official clan. These rules stick with the official server rules which can be found here. Breaking the server rules is forbidden. Mature behaviour is a must. Bug abusing is strictly forbidden. The leader is responsible for his/her Clan, however the Clan will receive the punishment. Breaking one of the clan rules will either disband your clan or atleast your offical status. ** Clan rules can be changed or added any time. *** If you happen to get your offical status revoked, you will have to wait atleast 3 weeks before applying again.