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  1. [GUIDE] Vehicle Modding

    Wow, Just wow! Good job <3
  2. Hunger Games

    Lol, who are this cowboy ? Bring it backkk!
  3. Spizor's Showcase

    All look nice, professional work. good job bro <3 - Now I want a logo name for me too :c
  4. 3AAAAAAAAA :) 

  5. A Shooter suggestion

    Nice, I did not know that, really thank you <3
  6. A Shooter suggestion

    Hello, all. I have a small idea, it's not a suggestion but would be very useful and good for some. My suggestion as follows:- What about making the " Right click of the mouse " which can be used to " Jump " in shooter! As we all know that "no.2" is used to jump, But most of time during driving " You drive with your left hand and shooting with the mouse and controlling the camera with it too, and When you trying to jump you maybe " press on no.3 or 4. Most of time that happens with me. Maybe some find there is no prob in that it's easy for them and some find it's bad. So I'm just talking your votes guys, please leave ( +1 / -1). Benefits: 1- Just driving with your left hand. 2- Shooting, jumping & controlling the camera with the "Mouse". That was my little idea to make shooter easier for us, Thanks all
  7. Some small ideas

    With you <3
  8. 5 suggestions

    I like no. 1,2,4 & 5.
  9. Last letter!

  10. Happy Hour

    Nice idea, +1
  11. Last letter!

  12. Real life picture thread!

    I wanna a gf too
  13. Would you rather?

    PC Fosure Would u rather sleep or fuck Driver ?