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  1. anyone alive?

    1. Walli


      Exteel <3

    2. #!~ExteeL-


      Walli <3

  2. Score/money if playing alone

  3. [GUIDE]Mapping Tools

    Thanks Booze ^_^, can easily now get tools back other than googling it
  4. [GUIDE] Vehicle Modding

    Good job, thank god someone still has these mods links
  5. Hunger Games

    Let's bring Guardian Angels [GA] back!
  6. Last letter!

  7. Show/Hide Objects

    Urgh I guess it is possible since other server in samp had this function, but it's only in training I guess. Anw +1 from me.
  8. Never have I ever

    I haven't been in a police station over serious shit. Never have I ever used hacks in any game.
  9. A Shooter suggestion

    ^ this followed by this \/ nice anw as reit said.
  10. Help

    Can you say how you solved it? Just in case some have this problem. Thanks
  11. Last letter!

  12. Never have I ever

    I have got into a serious fist fight. Never have I ever joined RFH.
  13. Some small ideas

  14. Bugged maps

    [OS]Speed Control - Missing Repair before the last loop.