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  1. [-ftw-] For The Win

    RIP all other clans... jk Good luck!
  2. Multiple Clan Leaders

    Hello all, I was thinking why not make the official clans able to have multiple leaders. As most of you know, a lot of clans has multiple leaders or founders (from this community and other communities). But in the in-game clan settings, there can be only one leader/founder that has all permissions to do in the clan (promote/demote) while the co-leader rank can only invite and kick members from the clan. Now what I suggest is that a new rank level might be added, so that the 6th rank (the highest one) is the Founder, which only one can get it, who is the player who applied for the official status. 5th rank is the leaders rank, multiple leaders is possible, and they can have the same permissions as the 6th rank except demoting/kicking another leader. 4th rank is the co-leader and remains the same as it is now.
  3. Asocial Pandas - aP

    wow we got a mashed potato panda on board. Sounds cool.
  4. US | Unskilled

    Good luck.
  5. [j4F] - just 4 Fun

    Welcome back j4F! Good luck.
  6. Events Suggestions

    In case you had an idea of a special event that you'd like to be hosted on the server, please feel free to create a new topic with the following post format: Thread title: EVENT - Event name. Post: [b]Your in-game name:[/b] [b]Mode for event(DM/DD/SH/OS):[/b] [b]Event title:[/b] [b]Event description:[/b] [b]Additional Information?:[/b]
  7. As everyone of you know, The Underground's staff is trying to please all of the community members as much as possible. So we started to ask ourselves, what do the players desire? How can we make this community and the server a better place for our members? How can we please them to the maximum? And trust me, a lot of other questions. But as everyone knows, guessing doesn't always have a guaranteed result. So we would like to ask every single one of you to fill out a itsy bitsy tiny survey, where it can deliver your opinion to the staff team, and let us know what YOU want. Every opinion matters! We all know that, we all hear that in our daily lives; and it's true. YOUR opinion matters to us, to make this community a place where everyone would feel welcome within. https://goo.gl/forms/KJMuoMy5QVp3oVHu1
  8. nC - new Challenges

    I know you meant RFH instead of KOR, just correcting it for ya.
  9. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

    True true his skills ain't good anymore. Go retire thundy
  10. Rush For Hunters has been founded by Lilsnappy and Zomdom back in 2014 (13.05.2014). We're a Clan... but we prefer calling us a Family. Rush For Hunters is a Clan based on Teamwork, Fun and Loyalty. We're now 4 Years old! (13.05.2018) RFH | Foxy RFH | Lilsnappy RFH | Zomdom* RFH | HyperZ RFH | Ryder RFH | Exteel RFH | Jimmeh RFH | FatoN* RFH | Horr RFH | Yoloo* RFH | Sahne* RFH | Slimtony* RFH | Walli* RFH | Story* RFH | iKakashi* RFH | Centurion* RFH | iRaiden RFH | Shveddi* RFH | Driftstyle* RFH | Wiz* RFH | Ghost RFH | Amoney* RFH | NeVer* RFH | EssahV* RFH | WhoZ* RFH | Stefy RFH | SaK* RFH | Phoebe* RFH | clowN* RFH | iCloudZ* RFH | Sam* RFH | TheChaoZ* RFH | Frenz* RFH | Vic* RFH | NerV* RFH | Soundwave* RFH | Driver* RFH | ENERGY* RFH | LuciferGRE* RFH | Paul RFH | BlackY* RFH | NameLezz RFH | KnownLezz RFH | DowDaw* RFH | Stig* RFH | Infinix* RFH | Bier RFH | Fr0sTii RFH | Shana. RFH | Shindy. RFH | -- RFH | -- Inactive/Not on Server Members are marked with a * | Currently 17 Active and 33 Inactive Members Welcome to our recruitment Section We have made this in case you want to join us Applications are currently: OPEN Note: Your Application must have the following Format Total Clan Wars: 0 Won Clan Wars: 0 Lost Clan Wars: 0 Tied Clan Wars: 0
  11. nC - new Challenges

    Good Luck!
  12. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

    You went with the enemy, so NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  13. [KOR] King of Roads

    Congratulations KOR!
  14. toggle commands

    It does, but what Foxy meant I guess is to update the command to have such features instead of only private messages being disabled/enabled.
  15. New Admins - Wave #1

    Congratulations to others.
  16. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

    Applications for joining RFH are now OPENED, please make sure that you follow the application form.
  17. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

    I have a potato brain, sorry
  18. Postpone King

    Great idea imo. ++
  19. King Progress List

    A +1 from me!
  20. Score/money if playing alone