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  1. Random screenshots & clips

    Hey everyone, just as the topic title says, post any random screenshot or clip here. It can be a funny screenshot, it can be a toptime you made, an amazing shooter kill you did, and so on.. Let's try to keep this topic alive and always post some new funny stuff. Let me start with the DD party:
  2. The Underground: Store Hey community, in this thread I will explain how each step in our ingame /shop works. Here's the list of content we'll go through • How to buy an item? • How to equip an item? • How to edit the items position and rotation? • How many items you can buy. • How to sell the item? So you got to the point where you have some money and are able to buy some items, coming to point 1: How to buy an item? Buying an item is pretty simple.. First thing you gotta do is enter the garage mode so you can equip & edit it right away but we'll get to that point later on. So we are going to buy the "Car Roof Light" for 7 days(you can also buy it for 30 or 90 days as you can see on the screenshot), to do that you have to select it and then click on purchase. As simple as that, once you've done that we can move on to step 2 which is: How to equip an item? To equip your item you have to open your item inventory by typing /inv, all the items you've bought are listed there. ** Little extra: you can see your equipped items in your /stats Now you double click on the item you want to equip and on the next screen you click on "equip" After you equipped your item you can start with step 3: How to edit position and rotation of the item? Looking at the screen above, you now have to select "Edit Attachment (Garage)" then you'll get various option on how to edit your item. After you select for example "Edit Offset Z (Up & Down) you'll get into the item editor. ** QUICK NOTE: You can only change the item size of PLAYER items and not vehicle items! ** The editor for vehicle items look like this: You can change the position / rotation by using your left or right arrow keys. The editor for PLAYER items looks like this: You can change position / rotation / size by click & holding your left mouse button on the X, Y or Z square. (You gotta move the mouse while holding the left mouse button) After you've done that you probably think "Hey, that's pretty good! I want more." and you might think "How many items can I actually buy?" So we'll move on to step 4: How many items you can buy. You can tell by the screenshot from step 2 that you are able to have 10 items in total BUT there's one important thing you shouldn't forget, which is.. You can only equip ONE vehicle item and ONE player item at once. So think twice before buying something. So you equipped your item moved and rotated it to the best position but then you don't like it.. Not a problem you can sell your object again Going to the last step aka step 5: How to sell the item? Selling the item is as simple as the rest, type /inv, double click on the item you want to sell (You have to unequip your item before selling it) After unequipping it you can click on "Sell item" after that a little confirmation text will pop up (check screenshot) Then you click on "Sell" and you successfully sold your item.
  3. Would you rather?

    And where's the would you rather question??
  4. Last letter!

    Exelent @Tyker @Rosberg @HiDR0 @Trasher
  5. Last letter!

  6. Would you rather?

    All the pics I've ever taken, my friends still have them xdxd Would you rather walk by foot for the rest of your life or drive the ugliest car in the world?
  7. Post your favourite songs and Rate others

    Not my style but it sounds not bad, 7/10
  8. Limit Breaking Skills was made to annoy the DM world (ofcourse not), however we tried to make it bug free and enjoyable but not easy at same time. Anyways I hope you enjoy watching the video! And for the nolifers here I'll release the download link. >>Download here<< Happy nolifing! *I won't take responsibility for any broken keyboards or mouses while driving this map, everything is at your own risk.