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  1. Asocial Pandas - aP

    no one want u ;( Good Luck
  2. US | Unskilled

    Good Luck faggots
  3. [j4F] - just 4 Fun

    Good old Times... Good Luck <3
  4. Ambest ad

    Your in-game name: [KOR]R3in Reported player name: Ambest Explanation: AD Evidence: (screenshot preferably) https://ibb.co/fMKR3cZDate and time: 15.01.2019/ 10am Additional notes: (optional)
  5. [RFH] | Rush For Hunters

    Thunder sux anyway
  6. nC - new Challenges

    Good Luck <3
  7. [KOR] King of Roads

    Pray for Flamingo and Antonio <3 #King Of Roads
  8. KOR, a renowned clan, was founded back in 2011. Since the beginning only the best were and are able to join and every member wears their tag with pride and honor. #King Of Roads Members Leader R3in Co-Leaders ForbiddeN. sT4RsHinE* Kings Hollyweed moonchild.* PokeMaster* Flukke Potato Ofcye OG Thunder Road Rapists Chris Daltnig Ember* Trials -IchHabHunger Dead honor members Trollex Flamingo Antonio Names [KOR] Official Rules §1 Exemplary behavior Respect other members & clans. Behave appropriately in public! This is very important. §2 Loyality Be 100% loyal. Never inform other users about clan internal informations. §3 Changing name Changing names every day is forbidden. Inform the leaders if you have changed your name. §4 UG Rules Avoid warns & bans. We wont invite members, which hurts our reputation. §5 Be honest Always be honest, my friend. §6 Activity We expect at least an average activity. Inform us IN TIME, if you are going to be inactive (less time, vacation etc.). Else you will get demotion & kick. §7 Teamwork Always support your clan-members as much as you can! Be helpful, cooperative, friendly & attentively to each other. §8 Instructions Accept & respect decision higher ranked members, if its justifiable. §9 KOR 4 ever Clan hopping is strictly forbidden. If you may return once you left, will be the decision of the leaders. §10 Be up to date Inform yourself about clan news & planned activities. §11 Internal problems Inform & talk to the leaders, if there is a problem with an other member. §12 Military Zone Hail to the Military Zone! §13 SMD smd Clanwars No recent clanwars Recruitment Interested in joining us? Send an application to the leaders and co-leaders using the format below. Alternatively you can also send us a message ingame. Ingame-name: Previous names: Age: Country: Have you been in KOR before?: Have you played on other servers like this before?: Anything else you want to tell us?: This thread is constantly being updated. Anything I forgot to mention? Message me!
  9. Last letter!

  10. Last letter!

  11. @Thunder bae <333

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      Fuck off. 

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      i think Shindy need friends... go search du Hurensohn

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      I don't need internet friends.. lmao.

  12. Spizor's Showcase

    now i want my name.. with an Anime background xDD ok no i dont have money LUL Cool pics bro
  13. Hai.. Test Test 1 2  3 

  14. Guess About The previous Poster!

    He can't even finish Downhill II, shame on him. u too
  15. Guess About The previous Poster!

    Wassim is the biggest pro bitch here