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  1. Bug Reports

    So I found a bug regarding VIP tickets, where if you don't have enough money for an actual ticket ($1,700 for VIP or $2,000) you're not able to use your free VIP tickets, it states that I have "Insufficient funds".
  2. Last letter!

  3. Spizor's Showcase

    Added two new pieces that I've made. Thanks, also I don't do them for money, at least at the moment.
  4. Spizor's Showcase

    So I have been getting into Photoshop a lot recently, and I decided to share some of my works with you guys, tell me your opinions on what I should improve and what not. I will be updating this as I make more designs, hopefully. New #1
  5. Bug Reports

    So, I found this bug earlier in a map called [DM]Pure_Skills_Paradise_II where the hunter pickup is replaced by a nitro & repair pickup. But today I found it on another map called [DM]Halos. Some pick ups also sometimes don't show at all, like in [DM]Race_To_Death_II sometimes the infernus pickup at the start is missing. So this bug must be script-related.
  6. Never have I ever

    I have joined RFH. Never have I ever took nude pictures.
  7. Bug Reports

    Anyone that is connected with ID 0 will be frozen and wouldn't be able move at all, this needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  8. Last letter!

  9. Help

    I just had to crop the logo instead of resizing the whole image.
  10. Help

    Alright, I've figured it out. Thanks for your help though. This can be locked as it's no longer needed.
  11. 5 suggestions

    Making the 1st letter of the word capital isn't the best option. Maybe make it so there's 2 possible for variations for these kind of words? Like "oolp" can be both loop and pool, "ingr" can be both ring and grin, and so on.
  12. Help

    I don't understand how this is related to my pictures, as I believe every forums has it's own image sizes and what not. I don't see any recommended size nor quality when I try uploading an image.
  13. Help

    Doesn't work too well, it's too small so I have to zoom in which also makes it low quality.
  14. CS:GO Edit - Matches

    your reactions are as fast as my grandpa's
  15. Help

    I don't know if this is the right section but oh well. So I don't know if it's just me but when I upload any image as my profile photo, it lowers the quality, I've tried changing the image size and stuff but it doesn't seem to help, any solutions?