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  1. Asocial Pandas - aP

    Nothing is impossible! Imma be a mashed potato panda
  2. Rewatched it three times now, makes me laugh everytime
  3. I hate you...





    smd I love you :x

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    2. R3in


      But i love Thunder more than Potato

    3. Potato


      Fuck you, the wedding is off :(

    4. Thunder


      Can't be a priest for a grumpy couple :o

  4. Asocial Pandas - aP

    I wanna be panda!
  5. nC - new Challenges

    Definitely the best clan.. after KOR, ofc.
  6. Congratulations, welcome to the team.
  7. toggle commands

    ^ confirmed, can also do it in /settings.
  8. Last letter!

  9. Last letter!

  10. Last letter!

    R3in @R3in
  11. Postpone King

    I am against the idea of postponing the event for an hour. The reasoning behind is the fact there's supposed to be another event running at that time and that could potentially bring unhappiness to few individuals that would like to participate in both. However, if there is not enough of participants, it would definitely be nice to have an automated player count check to start the event whenever the amount of minimum participants is reached.
  12. King Progress List

  13. Last letter!