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  1. An official statement regarding recent status updates As you may have noticed, there was a little bit of drama going on recently regarding us deleting individuals status update, and since most of you are probably wondering what was so wrong about it, we have decided to provide you an official statement. To answer one of your many questions, the reason why we deleted the status update is because it was simply wrong and unnecessary. We greatly appreciate and value every single opinion we receive from you, the members of this community. After all, your voices are what is being followed here. The reason why we even decided to create an poll about exemption of OS rule, is because of YOUR voice. We really do try our best to try and please all of our community members to the maximum. However, we need your input, your feedback to improve things! You can't just expect us to know what every single one of you desires. That's why we have made the "Your opinion MATTERS!" survey in the past. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, it's impossible to satisfy every single one of you. Regardless of what we do, there will always be few unhappy individuals. Nonetheless, we will continue trying our best to keep the amount of them as low as we possibly can. Please keep in mind that we are not obligated to do any of this for anyone. This is solely done from our precious time. Take the amount of time and effort we put into this in consideration before posting your wrong and demotivating statuses. Thank you -The Underground: Staff Team
  2. Random screenshots & clips

    Deserved ;*
  3. Some newcomers, as IchHabHunger has mentioned, are barely capable of driving. Why would they bother learning shortcuts just because some people find them being slow very time consuming. Killing newcomers just because they are slow is just messed up. It is true that there are bunch of long maps, but that's how the mappers made them. Mappers didn't put their effort in the track to be skipped by some players just because they tend to find their long maps boring or they are just focusing on making hella fast top-times. Just play the map the way it was intended to be played. My reasoning behind my no has nothing to do with top-times, who the hell cares about that nowadays, it's about finishing the map and having fun, and in my opinion, shortcuts take all the fun away. If shortcuts being forbidden make old school very time consuming, just move onto dm, maps there usually don't last much longer than 4 minutes. I personally discussed this topic with many, actually active, OS players, and we are strongly against this rule being changed. Our old school players can't be compared with the players from another server, we are different in many ways.
  4. No. The reasoning behind that is, I don't think shortcuts are necessary. Yes, I know you probably got used to short-cutting, but I personally believe that it is much better now with all shortcuts being forbidden. I dislike the fact people used shortcuts to skip majority of the map, it's also much easier for newcomers to compete in top-times with regular players. Also, something I'd like to add, I have never slain someone, and I never will, for megajumping at the bmx part (as long as there is no skipping other parts with it). I personally wouldn't even bother playing in OS if shortcuts were allowed. Anyways, I honestly doubt that I am the only one with such an opinion.
  5. Removal of toptimes

    [OS]Techno Vocals Players name: TheChaoz.RFH, ViperiTo Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Darkgames Players name: Marius.80InBRAT, [KOR]Potato Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. Not sure about other toptimes. [OS]Hamp v2 Players name: all toptimes Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Hamp v4 Players name: all toptimes Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed [OS]Cup of the tropics Players name: JustmeThemonster, rfh.NameLezZ. Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Have fun Players name: JustmeThemonster Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Voodoopeople Players name: JustmeThemonster Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [OS]Infernal lines Players name: TheChaoz.RFH, chocopops Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. [DM]Backwards love Players name: [KOR]Potato Additional notes (optional): Sc'ed. more to come soon..
  6. Removal of toptimes

    Removal of top-times If you came across a map with a top-time that was gained by using either shortcut or hacks, you can request its removal by reporting it below by commenting to this topic using this following format: [MODE]Maps name Players name: Additional notes (optional): Example: [DM]Very Creative Players name: Potato Additional notes (optional): Top time 2 was made by using shortcut as well NOTE: Reporting the top-time doesn't guarantee its removal, every top-time will be checked!
  7. YARRAK - AB

    Please don't reply to the threads in this section. If you wish to talk to Thunder, go find his profile and private message him.
  8. kime & timez - AB

    Banned. Thanks for reporting
  9. ban appeal ketal

    Hi, you were banned for making inappropriate jokes and reporting maps with troll reasons. Please do not let this happen again, there will be harsher consequences. Unbanned
  10. Asocial Pandas - aP

    Nothing is impossible! Imma be a mashed potato panda
  11. Rewatched it three times now, makes me laugh everytime
  12. I hate you...





    smd I love you :x

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      man... 38 Notifications..  i think: what have i done ? XDD 

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      Poor R3in haha

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  13. Asocial Pandas - aP

    I wanna be panda!
  14. nC - new Challenges

    Definitely the best clan.. after KOR, ofc.
  15. Congratulations, welcome to the team.
  16. toggle commands

    ^ confirmed, can also do it in /settings.
  17. Last letter!

  18. Last letter!

  19. Last letter!

    R3in @R3in
  20. Postpone King

    I am against the idea of postponing the event for an hour. The reasoning behind is the fact there's supposed to be another event running at that time and that could potentially bring unhappiness to few individuals that would like to participate in both. However, if there is not enough of participants, it would definitely be nice to have an automated player count check to start the event whenever the amount of minimum participants is reached.
  21. King Progress List

  22. Last letter!