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Your Opinion MATTERS

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The Underground


As everyone of you know, The Underground's staff is trying to please all of the community members as much as possible. So we started to ask ourselves, what do the players desire? How can we make this community and the server a better place for our members? How can we please them to the maximum? And trust me, a lot of other questions. But as everyone knows, guessing doesn't always have a guaranteed result. So we would like to ask every single one of you to fill out a itsy bitsy tiny survey, where it can deliver your opinion to the staff team, and let us know what YOU want.

Every opinion matters! We all know that, we all hear that in our daily lives; and it's true. YOUR opinion matters to us, to make this community a place where everyone would feel welcome within.


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We would like to thank every single one of you who answered the survey, and we wanted you to know that your opinion has truly reached us. We would like to inform you that your suggestions has been taken into consideration, and most of them are being worked on at the current time.


The survey will remain opened, in case anyone else wants to answer the survey. We'll daily check it for any additional responds to it.

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