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US | Unskilled

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 • Xer0
 • Reitrem

 • Booze
 • (Peek) 9cpxml7g.png

Absolute Noobs:
 • Notey
 • R3dwine

Definitely Unskilled:
 • Redux 9cpxml7g.png
 • Jona 9cpxml7g.png



• [DM] US vs j4F [01.01.2019] - Easy Win (18 0)
• [SH] US vs j4F [01.01.2018] - Close Lose (0 - 18)

- Ratio: 101%
▼ Fun Facts about our Clanwars ▼


Just filled it with anything lol (will be fixed once our first 2 Clanwars are done)
• The one(s) with the Carrypants ► Reitrem & Xer0 (9 Rounds won each) • CW nolifer ► Booze (attended 2 CWs) • Rushing for the Hunter ► Reitrem (4 Hunters collected)'

• Most luck ever ► j4F (gathered 18 Points) • Play against someone else ► j4F (2 CWs played against) • This is a real trainer ► [j4F]Gravity (7 Points)

• Most modes played ► DM&DD (1 CW each) • Most Players attending ► 12 (6v6 [SH] US vs j4F) • Best leader ever ► Xer0 Reitrem (much love)



Simply ask someone in the leaders position ingame/elsewhere and we'll consider it, please do not apply under the topic.


9cpxml7g.png = inactive
Last update: 15.02.2019
Total Members: 8
Inactive Members: 3
Notify Reitrem if you're missing or want to be removed from the member list

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Congratulations to US for obtaining the official status. Your activity has been noticed and we'd like to reward you accordingly.

Please keep up your good work!


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