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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Where do I submit maps?
ANSWER: You can submit maps by sending them to any of the staff members. You can decide with them the platform which the maps will go through.
Example: Discord / Forum PM

Q2. I was playing the king event and my points did not update in the said round.
ANSWER: If your points did not update at the said round, then it will update next round. Rest assured, your points are saved and calculated accordingly.

Q3. How to create a clan?
ANSWER: To create a clan, you simply need to create a thread with your clan name, tag, members and joining requirements. CLICK HERE

Q4. How to get my clan official?
ANSWER: To obtain the official status for your clan, you need to check this thread CLICK HERE.

Q5. How to join the admin team?
ANSWER: Administrators are mostly hand-picked or at rare occasions there will be admin application sessions. To know more about admin applications, check the following link: CLICK HERE.

Q6. Are vehicle mods allowed in this server?
ANSWER: Vehicle modifications are fine so long as they don't give you any advantage in your gameplay. 
Note: ELM (Emergency light mod) is not allowed.

Q7. Can I do shortcuts in Old School?
ANSWER: All shortcuts are forbidden in this server. Regardless of the mode you are playing, shortcuts are not allowed. You can find out more at the rules section. CLICK HERE

Q8. Why are shortcuts forbidden?
ANSWER: You are supposed to play the map the way it is intended to be played. The authors of the said maps did not create the maps for you to cut through them. Additionally, the way it currently is, everyone has a chance to obtain toptimes legitmately by driving the map normally.

Q9. What is happy hour?
ANSWER: Every Saturday & Sunday happy hour will be initiated at pre-announced times (check discord to stay updated). Happy hour doubles your score and money each round. So, if you get 5 score, you will get 10 and same with money.

Q10. How to become a donor?
ANSWER: To become a donor and unlock premium features, please visit this link. CLICK HERE

Q11. What is PVP?
ANSWER: PVP stands for Player vs Player. It is basically another form of a duel, where you specify an amount of rounds and amount of cash you wish to duel against the specified player. If you win, you get the other player's cash, if you lose they will get your cash (the amount you specified in /pvp).

Q12. How can I gain money?
ANSWER: Obtaining money can be done via various routes, some of which are -->
1. Each round you get a certain amount of score and money, the lower your rank in the deathlist, the more money you get when you die.
2. You can /pvp to get money, but do it on your own risk. Losing the pvp will make you lose money.
3. Winning the king event. If you participate and win the king event, you will get 7,500$.
4. Getting toptimes and reaching hunter rewards you with extra money.

Q13. Can I use my money in all modes?
ANSWER: Money can be used in each and every mode without restrictions regardless of which mode you obtained them from.

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