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Report a player [RULES & GUIDELINES]

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[Rules and Guidelines] - Read before posting


In order to ensure that the report section coordinates accordingly, it is strongly advised for each individual to read through this thread to ensure that they are not breaching any legislation (Rule). Moreover, the context in this thread will mainly focus on the "Do's" & "Don'ts" in this particular board. Lastly, any breach of the following content will most likely result in your thread being locked and archived. (Additional severe actions will be considered case by case)



1. You are not allowed to post in any report, unless you are listed as the 'Reported Player'. 
-> For witnesses or additional evidence, you must seek administrative permission before posting in a report that does not involve you.

2. Threads that are created with no sole objective nor target will not be considered.
-> You are not allowed to report someone to take the piss on them. 

3. Chat-Logs are not considered as valid evidence/proof. 
-> Chat-Logs are easily manipulated, therefore, reports with Chat-Logs as evidence will not be considered.

4. You are required to follow the format given in this thread
-> Please ensure that you check the format given in the threads accordingly before submitting your post.

5. Asking an administrator to check the server logs will result in your report being 'Locked & Archived'
-> Server logs may be checked only case by case.

6. You may not tamper with any 'VALID' evidence you submit in any shape or form.
-> Keep all the documents as per how it is originally. Do not crop or remove anything as that would classify your evidence as 'INVALID'.

7. Staff reports are not permitted to be published publicly.
-> Reporting staff members will go through the management team, by which you can send them a FORUM PM regarding the said incident.

8. All your replies and posts must abide by the forum rules of this community.
-> Forum rules apply, please double check if unsure.

9. You must create 1 report per player only. (Unless, all the players fall under the 'same' report category)
-> If you wish to report multiple players, please create a separate thread for each one. 


DISCLAIMER: These rules & guidelines are subject to change at any point without prior notice. It is entirely your responsibility to stay up to date with the changes that take place within the community.


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