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Ban Appeals [Rules & Guidelines]

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[RULES & GUIDELINES] Read before posting!


The following content will cover the guidelines that you are required to follow in order for the administration team to swiftly handle your appeal. It is strongly advised that you ask if you are unsure about any of the relevant content within this thread. Essentially, breaching the guidelines will most likely result in your appeal being automatically denied.


Section Documentation

1. You may not post in ban appeals that does not consist you, regardless of your reason.
-> Seek administrative permission if you require to do so.

2. Do not PM (Private Message) any ban appeals to the administration team.
-> All appeals will go through this board and this board only.

3. Appeals that lack respect or proper construction will instantly be locked and archived.
-> Ensure that you are calm before submitting your appeal.

4. If an administrator denies your appeal, refrain from posting any further appeals till further notice.
-> You may contact a Management member if you believe that your appeal was handled incorrectly.

5. Constantly bumping your thread will only delay and extend it further.
-> Administration team are required to check the ban appeals section, thus, they will get to yours.

6. Everyone in the administration team has the right to post / reply in your ban appeal.
-> You may NOT ask an administrator to refrain from posting in your appeal.

7. Failure to respond to your answered appeal within 78 hours will result in your appeal being automatically archived.
-> Please ensure you check your appeal for any potential conclusion or further clarifications required from your side.

8. At all times, your appeal must follow the appropriate format given.

9. Forum rules apply, abide by them.
-> Ask if unsure.

10. If you are forum banned, you may not appeal your ban any further.
-> You must wait for your forum ban to end, before appealing for your In-Game ban.

11. All ban appeals must be created by the original banned users.
-> You may not ask for someone else to post the appeal for you.


DISCLAIMER: These rules & guidelines are subject to change at any point without prior notice. It is entirely your responsibility to stay up to date with the changes that take place within the community.


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