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v1.0.5 BETA (05/04/18)

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Update #6 (05/04/18):


- Anti nitro-miss system improved
- Fixed players map markers glitch
- Namechange limited to 4 characters min, 20 characters max
- Fixed false anti-cheat alerts
- /hint re-worked, price lowered to $2,500
- Added /swarp to save a spectated player current position
- New Premium feature: /wheels - customed textdraw to choose special vehicle wheels

- New Premium feature: /vehplate - customize your vehicle plate as you wish

- Fixed some of the donators not being able to toggle cartexts
- /donate command disabled
- Fixed "48 years" hunter fight limit
- King enabled on Derby and Shooter
- Added "Close" button to /ranking
- Added thousands separators to ranking values
- Happy hour added, will be performed every Saturday at 8pm (GMT)
- Clan members limit increased to 30
- Fixed item sell price estimated value

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