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v1.0.6 (18/04/18)

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Update #7 (18/04/18):



Added /vipdate
Added "members" to /c
Added capital letters to chat activity
Added 300 new words to chat activity
Added new achievements - score, hours, cash
Added anti bot-spam protection                                                    
Added music player



/namecolor shows your current namecolor                                            
Increased info lines
/ranking opens your current gamemode
Derby and Shooter kills now gives points during King event
Adjusted clan score gaining
Increased hunter fight limit during King event
Lottery changes - prize will now be random, hint increased to $3,000
Your name/clan will now be marked on /ranking (if you are on it)                
/donate returned - requires 50 hours and 0 warns (both sides)
System should fix bugged maps automatically (those which being skipped)
Shop requires 30 hours in order to use        
Player stats will now show when you click a player through TAB                    
Clan leaders can now change clan color through /clan settings                    
Nitro miss detection method changed, should work better now
King Event now run on a daily basis



Fixed player markers not showing from a further distance                    
Fixed DM king shows on DD etc
Fixed doubled repairs disable on Derby
Fixed random car velocity
Fixed Derby anti bike fall
Fixed Derby "G" button glitch
Fixed happy hour (starting/ending on random times)
Fixed slay
Fixed double score and hour message display                                    
Fixed player names disappearing on winners screen
Fixed car not being able to move occasionally
Fixed winners screen skipped and bugged by rejoin
Fixed random hunter pickups appears in the middle of the map                    
Fixed /buymap "insufficient funds" error while having map tickets            
Fixed VIP tickets compensation (bugged maps)


* Additional minor un-noted bug fixes
* Massive code optimization

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