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eS | Essential Serenity

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Essential Serenity is a DM based Clan created around the end of January 2018.
We started as a 4 man Squad with Booze, Gravity, Shiba and Reitrem.

­[eS] Leadment

» Reitrem
» Booze
» Gravity

[eS] Member(s)

» Shiba
» iBoss*
» Bier
» Grumpy*

[eS] Trial(s)

» BaguettePapi
» SteineRR

9 - Total Members
2 - Total Inactive
* = Inactive
7th April 2018

[eS] Clanwars

» [DM] eS against vT [26.03.2018] - Win (18 - 0)
» [DM] eS against vT [26.03.2018] - Tie (9 - 9)
» [DM] eS against vT [26.03.2018] - Lost (0 - 18)

Interested in joining?
Asking will not hurt at all. Show us what you got and we consider accepting you.


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Quick update 
The Legendary » BaguettePapi has joined [eS]
The wanna be cool » Bier has joined [eS] (This is rather old but just wanted to mention so he doesn't feel left out ya know)
We marked » Grumpy and » iBoss as inactive *
We still welcome new members, but don't even bother asking Gravity, he might bite you.

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Another one
The magical » SteineRR has joined [eS]

Thats basically it for now. :)

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