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nC - new Challenges

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New Challenges was created on 8th of June, 2014. New Challenges was founded by Sp3Ctra, Wraith, and Katherine. How do we found this name? Well, when three of us were clanless as our previous clan was closed, we are thinking about to make a new clan. We've tried a lot of name but we think "New Challenges" is the best name for our clan.



skype-emoticon-flag-id.png Sp3Ctra

skype-emoticon-flag-id.png Katherine

skype-emoticon-flag-id.png Wraith



skype-emoticon-flag-my.pngskype-emoticon-flag-sg.png Timez

skype-emoticon-flag-om.png Dr4gZ

skype-emoticon-flag-in.png SilverHawk

skype-emoticon-flag-id.png Evan



skype-emoticon-flag-id.png Flatz

skype-emoticon-flag-eg.png iBoSs

skype-emoticon-flag-id.png eXtazzy

skype-emoticon-flag-id.png Yodi

skype-emoticon-flag-mx.png Trasher





- Cheating/Hacking will be instantly kick out.

- Be active, honest, loyal.

- Don't spam in the clan chat.

- No multi-clanning or clan-hopping (will result to a ban to joining our clan).

- Respect to other players.

- Follow the SERVER RULES.



If you are interested in joining, don't hesitate to send your clan application to one of the clan leaders with the format below:


Title: [your in-game nick]'s Application


In-Game Name :

Previous Name :

Age :

Where are you from? :

English skills (rate from 1-10) :

Previous clans :

If you answered the previous question, why did you leave or get kicked out of the clan? :

Which gamemode you play most? :

Why do you want to join New Challenges? :

Do you accept obeying the server and clan rules and if you get caught breaking them, you will be kicked? :

What is your timezone? : (GMT preferred)

Do you agree not breaking the rule? :

Please post screenshot of your stats :


More to add on the thread, if I made any mistake or I miss something please message me!


Edited by Evan
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8 hours ago, Potato said:

Definitely the best clan.. after KOR, ofc.

I know you meant RFH instead of KOR, just correcting it for ya.

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